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I was in the Navy from 1980-1985 and these photos are from 1982-1985 while I was aboard (at the time) the newest and biggest warship in the world. The USS Carl Vinson. She was built in Newport, VA and I am a plank owner. We made a world cruise to our new home in Alameda, CA. Then in 1985 we set out on a WestPac cruise for 8 months. Before my WestPac cruise I was sent with one other photographer to Miramar, CA to attend flight school. It was a week long and it was the same things you see in the movie Officer and a Gentleman. I was not a pilot, I left that up to the Professionals. My life was in their hands and they were truly gifted at what they did. I simply took the shots. I have been truly blessed with traveling around the world twice and only wish that the digital age was with us then. I am in the process of scanning many of the slides I have. Quality or dirt specs may be noticeable.. Enjoy :)
F-14 TomcatsWe must be on liberty somewhereThat is me on the left getting ready for launchHong KongUSS Buchanan (Destroyer)Airwing FlyoverF-14-ready-on-the-catapult.jpgTaking the liberty boat from the ship to Hong KongVF-111 SundownersHong KongUSS Conyngham DDG-17 - Guided Missile DestroyerA fisherman in Hong Kong harborThree awesome powers of complete forceComing into San Francisoco BayDifferent PerspectiveAbove Hong Kong looking to the leftSan Francisco adopted as as Their shipReturn to San Francisco with sailors manning the railsAnother ViewVery popular view of Hong Kong