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I was in the Navy from 1980-1985 and these photos are from 1982-1985 while I was aboard (at the time) the newest and biggest warship in the world. The USS Carl Vinson. She was built in Newport, VA and I am a plank owner. We made a world cruise to our new home in Alameda, CA. Then in 1985 we set out on a WestPac cruise for 8 months. Before my WestPac cruise I was sent with one other photographer to Miramar, CA to attend flight school. It was a week long and it was the same things you see in the movie Officer and a Gentleman. I was not a pilot, I left that up to the Professionals. My life was in their hands and they were truly gifted at what they did. I simply took the shots. I have been truly blessed with traveling around the world twice and only wish that the digital age was with us then. I am in the process of scanning many of the slides I have. Quality or dirt specs may be noticeable.. Enjoy :)
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