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During my final cruise which was for eight months from 1984-1985 (WestPac). The ship flew me off to Saudi Arabia then I took a quick helicopter flight to Oman where I was for about 4-6 days. The men you see are either Omanian military or English mercenaries. Great guys. After our day of work we went to the only watering hole and shot pool, threw darts and threw a few back. My job was to photograph the effects of our EA-6B Intruders which are attack/bombers with radar jamming abilities. I'll tell you, knowing that my ship was going to perform a mock attack on the base where I was on a specific date, but we did not know what time. To see how the Omanian military responded, was fascinating to say the least. It gives you a great deal of respect for what we are able to do. Usually when the aircraft left the carrier, we had no idea what they did. But it was real eye opening to see it from the other end. These shots were taken in early 1985 I believe.....
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