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My two step kids are two of the greatest kids any man could ask for. I explain to people that the man upstairs broke the mold when he made them. I could not imagine my life without them in it. Jessica and Jay. I was blessed with them coming into my life when they were 5 and 8. I would not change a thing. Then my wife and I have our own child together and that is the redhead Julianne, Another fantastic kid. The only problem I see is that they grow up too damn fast. Enjoy :)
My beautiful daughter at her Junior year at WVU.......Troy and Papa Dan on a little R&R..Troy boy...Shawn and GavinAvery just over two years old....Jay feeding his daughter a little 'Thanksgiving' feed and my daughter Julianne 'waiting' for her turn... :]Shawn with our first grandchild :}'You talkin' to me?'BeautifulGetting ready for senior yearJessicaLast time I knew, I was changing her diaperJulianneAnother great studio shotJay looking GQThe face of innocence.........JessicaMy Stepson Jay, his daughter Avery, and my daughter Julianne..Avery enjoying some juice..Little Avery, as innocent as they come.... :}